'S Continental's Continental

  1. The Continental
  2. The Whiffenpoof Song
  3. Beyond The Sea (La Mer)
  4. Swing Little Glow Worm
  5. The Poor People Of Paris
  6. Strange Music
  7. Tico-Tico
  8. The White Cliffs Of Dover
  9. African Safari
  10. Morgen (One More Sunrise)
  11. Lisbon Antigua
  12. Green Eyes

'S Continental (Brazil CD)This album was recorded in 1961 and released on CD in the United States in 1988. It was also released in Brazil (right) but with poor sound quality.

This CD can be purchased from Amazon.

Produced by Rann Productions
Production Coordinator: Ernie Altschuler
Recording Sessions Supervised by Bob Ballard
Cover Photo: Henry Parker
Shoes by Capezio
Luggage from T. Anthony

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