Friendly PersuasionFriendly Persuasion

  1. Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger)
  2. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
  3. Ebb Tide
  4. So Rare
  5. Song Of Love
  6. April Love
  7. June Night
  8. Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)
  9. Stompin' At The Savoy
  10. I Understand
  11. Shangri-La
  12. Rose Room

Piano solo work by Bob Ralston
Trumpet solo work by Dick Cathcart
Trombone solo work by Ray Conniff

The CD was originally reissued on July 4, 1994 (Columbia CK 9010) but was deleted in 1999. It was reissued on April 27, 1999 but without credits, liner notes, and photo of Ray and his orchestra (Sony Music Special Products A 34301).

Original LP liner notes:

The picture shown below was taken during the recording of this album. Although the singers appear on the right, they actually sound in the center on stereo, through the use of switch microphone channels. We also switch the organ and piano II to the right.
On four of the songs we tried a new stereo setup not shown below. It utilizes four trombones, four men singers and tuba on the left; and five trumpets, four girl singers and piccolo on the right. Tiger Rag and Ebb Tide are good examples.

Happy Listenin'

Ray Conniff

The Ray Conniff Orchestra and Chorus

Organ and Piano II: Jimmy Rowles — Percussion: Wally Snow — Solo Piano: Bob Ralston — Bass: Phil Stephens — Guitars: Al Hendrickson, Howard Roberts — Drums: Milt Holland — Saxophones: John Lowe, Abe Most, John Bambridge, Fred Fallensby, Ted Romersa — Trumpets: Jimmy Zito, Conrad Gozzo, Ollie Mitchell — Trombones: Ernie Tack, Ed Kusby, Joe Howard — Harp: Stella Castellucci — Men Singers: Jay Meyer, Verne Rowe, Gene Merlino, Jimmy Joyce — Girl Singers: Loulie Jean Norman, Pat Collier, B.J. Baker, Vangie Carmichael — The Staff: Ernie Altschuler (producer), Ray Conniff, Bob Ballard (production supervisor), Ernest Chapman (engineer).

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