Ray Conniff Brazil Tour 1999


Ray began his concert series in Rio de Janeiro at the Metropolitan Theatre on October 6, this was followed by concerts in Sao Paulo at the Olympia on October 7 and 8. (The latter were also advertised on radio and TV spots.) Then the following venues and dates were scheduled: Punta del Este (Uruguay) at the Conrad Casino on October 9 and 10; Porto Allegre at the Sesi Theatre on October 11; Curitiba at the Guiara Theatre on October 13; Sorocaba at the Recreativo Club on October 14; Goiana at the Jao Club on October 15; Jaguariuna at Red Eventos on October 16; and finally, there was a free open air concert in Sao Paulo at Villa Lobos Park on October 17 which was videotaped and broadcast in December 1999.

These photos were taken by Jürgen Klaus after a concert in Sao Paulo. Jürgen has traveled to Brazil several times to attend Ray's concerts. The captions were taken with permission from Manfred's web page.


Pense em Mim
Estoy Enamorado (Estou Apaixonada)
Festa De Rodeio
Somewhere My Love
New York, New York
Strangers in the Night
Pretty Woman
Paloma Blanca (Sing Along)
É o Amor
No Rancho Fundo
O Velhinho (from his Christmas album, "'s Christmas")
and a Medley of Christmas songs during which these two photographs on the right were taken
White Christmas, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Over the Rainbow (harp solo by Stephanie Bennett)
Besame Mucho
Green Eyes
La Mer (Beyond the Sea)
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Entres Tapas e Beijos
Bailão De Peão
Brazil and Brazil reprise

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